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News Advisory:

Keeping the Top on During a Hurricane


Dunedin, Florida—The new Montessori school under construction at 1320 Michigan Avenue in Dunedin is the place where FiveStein LLC, A Product Development Company, is introducing its new Sheathing-Fastening-Bbracket system (SFB system) on April 19th. The new SFB system strengthens frame construction by as much as 3 times that of existing Florida Building Codes by providing a steel connection between the sheathing and the roof trusses or rafters.


Those responsible for assessing damages after hurricanes found that the roof suffers the most wind damage. Observers of hurricane damage have confirmed that once the roof is breached, the failure of other building elements - - - window openings, door openings, and foundation - - - follows quickly. H.U.D. identified roof sheathing as a critical component in the structural system that locks all other roof members together. Using the SFB system on the sheathing elements in the roof can increase the maximum holding strength of 245 lbs psf in Florida’s current building code to as much as 625+ lbs psf which is enough to withstand over 200 mph wind gusts.


The patent-pending sheathing-fastening-bracket system (SFB system) is a cost-effective means to strengthen frame construction against both hurricane winds and earth movement e.g. earthquakes.


Independent testing shows that anchoring of sheathing in roofs using the SFB system consisting of three different types of brackets in conjunction with the current code nailing pattern, the results show that the holding power is over 3 times stronger than nailing alone which is in accordance with current code.


We invite the news media to come and observe the construction at the Montessori school on April 19th and meet representatives of FiveStein, the contractor, and school administrators.



Fivestein, LLC and SFB System is currently working diligently in completing the process of           receiving an ICC Approval Number.

We are also presently working to have our products retailed in Lowes Home Improvement stores.






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